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LeviXReader -alone-
The rain beat down on the broken shingles of the scout regiments assigned building Eren Yeager and his Captain Levi sat quietly in the empty mess hall. Eren looked around in worry at the dust that covered almost everything in the room. The cup Petra once used sat on a table a spider crawling up the side going back to its web, Levi hasn't been the same since everyone died when he was alone with Eren instead of him being his strong and emotionless self all he did was sulk in sorrow he held back for so many years. The sadness now so noticeable, Eren could feel it the hidden emotions that slowly began to feel the room from Levi made Eren think 'what if I found someone for Levi?' Now that he thought about it that's exactly what he was going to do.
 -Levi's pov-
 Eren told me about his idea almost 4 years ago today. I cannot say that I believed he would find anyone, or anything, that could actually cheer me up. Therefore I let him proceed with his actions only to see him fail, but
:iconshadowedrose1:shadowedrose1 36 32
GamzeeXReader ~Not the way to go~
                                        “I don't know what I have done, but I will leave you alone for now on if that is what you want.”
Those words haunted you, they would pass through your mind every day and bring back so many bad memories. The thing that hurt you the most about that one sentence was that it came from the person you loved the most. Your best friend Gamzee Makara, you never admitted it but you were flushed for the indigo blooded troll......
You tried to stop thinking about your feelings for the troll, wiping tears from your puffy red cheeks, you lay curled up in a ball on your couch a large fluffy blanket pulled over your small trembling body. You are a mess no doubt, you wished every day that he would come back. Your heart wanted him to stay but, your brain…… your brain told him to go. That one word that slipped
:iconshadowedrose1:shadowedrose1 40 26
TavrosXReader -Orchids-
You sat quietly in the orchid filled Hospital garden and smiled running the tip of your fingers gently across the petals of one of the delicate flowers. This was your quiet place, the place you came when you had nowhere else to go, the place where you came when you felt lost and alone. The fragrances from the various types of Orchids filled the air, as a few bumblebees flew past your head. You stood up from the ground brushing some dirt off your (fave color) sundress, Your H/C hair was pulled back into an elegant Dutch flower braid. You walked over to the small weed over run part of the garden, you didn't know why the care taker didn't tend to this part of the garden. Was it because these orchids were different? Was it because the color? Whatever the reason is you didn't really care.....You thought the exotic bronze colored orchids were beautiful and you didn't care what anybody thought of you. You bent down and began to pull up the weeds humming a soft tune, not knowing that someone e
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-colors of our blood- SignlessXSeadweller!Reader
   You sat in front of the brightly colored coral reef the small fishes swimming past you, your h/c hair pinned back behind your fins the silk dress you wore stuck to your curves from the water that dripped off your skin and clothes. The cape you had was draped around your shoulders and floated on the water like a thin piece of paper. You pulled a small water lily from the bouquet of flowers you had and placed it on the coral reef smiling sadly. This coral reef was the grave of your fiancé eridan Ampora it broke your heart to come here, but you still did. "Look land ahead!" Your head whipped around looking at the large ship that slowly approached where you were. You looked back at the coral reef and disappeared below the water as the ship passed above you. 
You cautiously fallowed the ship into the long narrow pathway of water that lead to a small opening between the tress in the forest as the spray from the water fall hit the newcomers on the deck of the ship. You
:iconshadowedrose1:shadowedrose1 71 19
Ramona Syrian (homestuck oc) by shadowedrose1 Ramona Syrian (homestuck oc) :iconshadowedrose1:shadowedrose1 2 10
Hetalia Oc ref -Kythira- -critic wanted-
              Please tell me what you think this is my first hetalia oc 
There will be some links in this so you know what it is if you don't click the links and it will take you to a page which will explain everything about that subject. 
Human Information
Human Name: Alexandria Karklis
Nickname[s]: Alex 
Age Appearance: 21
Gender: female 
Birthday: 21st of May 1800
About Them
Personality She's a person who prefers extraversion to draw energy from action: she tends to act, then reflect, then act further. If she is inactive, her motivation tends to decline. To rebuild her energy, extraverts need breaks from time spent in reflection. Conversely, she prefers introversion expend energy through action: she prefers to reflect, then act, then reflect again. To rebuild their energy, introverts need quiet time alone, away from activity.
Vices: she will often lose control over her ang
:iconshadowedrose1:shadowedrose1 1 8
Beauty and the beast GhbxReader
     You sat outside you were wearing your (fav color) dress your brown leather knee high boots tied up tightly. It's been two weeks since you had seen your best friend signless you had began to become very worried, anything could have happened to him he could have been attacked by animals even worse high bloods. You shook that thought from your head and stood up quickly brushing the dirt off your dress. "I guess I will go have to find him" you said walking over to the stables getting onto your jet black horse. As you quickly rode off the wind blowing through your (hair color) hair, your cheeks a bit red from the cold. As time went on you had made it about 8 miles into the woods looking for your friend signless, night began to fall fast as the wolves began to howl in the distance. You whipped your head around after hearing a low growl, you shook your head not seeing anything and quickly rode off. Then it happened the only thing you can remember was your horse beging tack
:iconshadowedrose1:shadowedrose1 203 58
-of with his head- KankriXHighblood!Reader
    You looked over the sunflower filled fields, Your H/C hair pulled back into a neatly braided bun. The cloak you wore over the colorful jeweled dress that fit over your curves perfectly, looked tattered and worn. You walked down the small hill you stood upon the cloak dragging slightly against the ground. Rain began to pour heavily from the sky causing the ground to become slick and muddy. You quickly grabbed onto a tree branch before your feet slid from beneath you, A sigh of relief escaped your mouth as you let go of the branch. You quickly got off the muddy field and walked over to the stable you and left your horse and untied its rope from around the post you left it on.  You put the hood from your cloak back over your head and climbed onto your horses back as you brushed a piece of hair from your face. You quickly rode off to the castle looking at the villagers hurry to shelter as the rain got harder, But one stood out he sat there in the rain playing a flute. Th
:iconshadowedrose1:shadowedrose1 41 70
Time of the month CanadaXReader
   You curled up in a tight ball clutching your stomach in pain Matthew your boyfriend of 1 year looked at you through the doorway. " are you okay my little Maple leaf do i need to call a doctor? " he asked innocently looking at you. You glared at him your E/c eyes like daggers " Get out now" you said harshly as you pulled the large fluffy blankets over your head and groaned in pain. Matthew's eyes widened at how rude you were to him " _______" he asked sadly walking over to you resting a hand on your shoulder, "please tell me whats wrong " he said now taking a seat on the foot of the bed. " i think im dying " you groaned out "what!?!" he asked rather quickly jumping up off the bed as you let out another groan in pain. As Matthew ran quickly down the hall grabbing the phone quickly dialing a number, "come on pick up pick up!"  "hello Kythira speaking" A sigh in relief escaped Matthew's mouth : Kythira i think something is wrong with ______!!!" Kythira let out a soft sigh
:iconshadowedrose1:shadowedrose1 131 90
Shimeji!EnglandXReader part 2
    I sat there in my bed looking at my laptop screen , my eyes wide " h-how is this possible" my mind screamed as i slowly opened up the Email. I reread it  
  You have an Email from Arthur Kirkland 
    No......Nooooo.......No no no no no no no.........NO!
Oh my mom was right ,all this stress is making me hallucinate whats next flying mint colored bunnies. I looked at my screen and there it was a tiny mint green bunny flying beside my Arthur shimeji's head " oh hell nah, ALFRED!!!!" i yelled as i quickly jumped up running out of my room  and grabbing the house phone. I quickly dialed Alfred's number and waited for him to pick up. " hello this is the hero speaking!" I heard Alfred call out happily from the other line " Alfred! come back hurry please!" Alfred's breathing hitched on the other line " don't worry im coming _____!" he yelled from the other line and quickly hung up. I began to panic and peaked back i
:iconshadowedrose1:shadowedrose1 38 12
Dad!DaveXChild!Reader ~i miss you~
  A red rose placed in your hair ,oh how you miss the warm crisp summer air, Your E/C eyes clouded over with warm salty tears. You tried blinking them away but they only made trails of sorrow and anger " i turned 11 yesterday its been 6 years" you mumbled to yourself now looking down at the grave you stood above, "you left us" you said halfheartedly " i was all alone i need you daddy" you said a bit of anger now in your tone. You sighed softly setting down in the snow covered grass , "i remember when we would play in the park we would laugh and play." a smile smile crept onto your face as you wiped away a smug of dirt from the tomb stone reading beneath your breath " Here lies Dave Strider ,loving brother ,loving son , loving husband and loving father" your voice broke as you thought back to that tragic day.
~~~flash back~~~~~~~~~
" come on daddy!" you called out happily ,pulling your dad Dave out of the car "im coming ,im coming " he chuckled and picked you up messing up your H/C
:iconshadowedrose1:shadowedrose1 40 44
Young!Ghb X Reader -a gentle giant-
    I sat on my bed looking out my window catching a glimpse of the full moon ,its reflection illuminating off the small puddles of rain water that covered the side walks. I sighed softly sliding on my knee high lace up boots and (fave color) jacket my fingers gliding over the fresh deep cuts that riddled my wrist. I slowly opened my window making sure to be absolutely silent so i didn't wake up my parents and climbed out quietly shutting the window behind me. My foot steps made soft crunching sounds from the light layer of frost that had now started to form on the grass, i mumbled slightly feeling a damp sensation sink through my boots as i slowly walked onto the side walk. The street lamps making a dim lit path, I heard heavy foot steps behind me i turned around nothing "um okay" i mumbled beneath my breath as i went to continue to walk on someone walked strait into me.  fell back and gasped slightly looking at the large figure above me " get the fuck up ,______" i tre
:iconshadowedrose1:shadowedrose1 170 27
ScarXAlexandra  :AT: by shadowedrose1 ScarXAlexandra :AT: :iconshadowedrose1:shadowedrose1 5 9 Alexandra Crow sketch by shadowedrose1 Alexandra Crow sketch :iconshadowedrose1:shadowedrose1 12 13 Maryellen -lines- by shadowedrose1 Maryellen -lines- :iconshadowedrose1:shadowedrose1 10 2


Gilbert by koala-bears Gilbert :iconkoala-bears:koala-bears 36 24 Childhoods by koala-bears Childhoods :iconkoala-bears:koala-bears 41 18 Siren Design by koala-bears Siren Design :iconkoala-bears:koala-bears 78 30
You're bleeding Thor x Pmsing reader
         You groaned miserably as you curled into a ball. The covers encasing your body were warm but not warm enough to appease the pulsing pain in your lower torso. You hated your period with a passion it just hurt way too much, especially the first day. The medicine your doctor had given you didn’t work one lick which left you a moaning, groaning lump of pain. Thankfully, for both you and him, Thor was out on a mission and he wouldn’t have to experience your pms rage.
        It took all your willpower to get up from your bed, but the promise of chocolate really helped speed things along.  You lazily shuffled to the bathroom on the opposite side of your room and grabbed a rag. You rubbed your weary eyes as you tossed the rag into the sink and allowed warm to soak it. As soon as every inch had absorbed water you turned off the tap, wrung the rag and hurried it to the kitchen. You hastily threw
:icondeath-for-one:Death-For-One 694 243
The Worthy One (Thor x Reader) One-shot
‘Avengers assemble!’ Nick Fury’s voice echoed through Stark Tower. ‘I repeat Avengers assemble!’
You were wobbling nervously on your feet. You had obviously heard of the Avengers after everything that happened in New York the last couple of years, but even though you were a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, you had never actually met them.
You had only been an agent in training during the attack of New York and when S.H.I.E.L.D. got attacked by Hydra you were knocked unconscious by one of the members of the S.T.R.I.K.E. team. You were one of the few agents Fury still fully trusted.
When he had come to you only several days ago to ask you to join the Avengers, you had laughed in his face.
‘I don’t have any special powers!’ you had cried out.
Fury had frowned at you, probably remembering your ‘vibes’, as you called your instinctive shivers you would get every time something bad was going to happen.
‘You may think you are not special, ag
:iconsavrom:savrom 883 141
Creating your Ghoul
Ghouls look exactly like humans with a few changes. Most can change their sclera black with red iris called kakugan. Their tongues can't handle human food and will be repulsive and unable to digest human food either as it becomes dangerous if they do consume too much. They are only able to strive for human flesh and run on it. If they stay too long without human flesh they will become mentally unstable and WILL go kill for some without any reasoning.
Ghouls use kagune, or shining one, to function their weapon and claws in order to fight. When released, a ghoul’s physique is strengthened and are more resilient while their mobility heightens. A kagune is composed of Rc cells that flow just like blood and can become as solid as teeth, therefore earning the name “liquid muscles”. The Rc cells are released from a kakuhou, a sac that holds the cells, piercing the skin and the cells that are releas
:icontokyoghoul:TokyoGhoul 159 26
Yandere!Murasakibara Atsushi x Reader
You've always wondered why the giant of the Generation of Miricles constantly eats sweets. Maybe he just liked it, you really didn't know. You obviously wanted to know why he has his love for sugary delights. What better way to know than to ask him?
"Atsushi-san, why do you like sweets so much?" It hurt your little neck to look up at the deset-loving titan (heh, reference).
Even though you hung out with him and every other person in the Generation of Miricles, you couldn't help but be slightly afraid of the taller man. Sure he was sweet and cute at times, but his height really didn't match his personality. It was especially frightening when he would say "I'm going to crush you." Just think about it sent shivers down your spine.
"Ehh? _chin?" He looked down at you, his sweet amethyst eyes piercing your (e/c) ones. As much as Atsushi didn't want to admit it, it slightly hurt his neck to look down at your petite self. "It's because it tastes good."
"That's it? Oh, okay then. Thanks for yo
:iconmcworld:MCWorld 25 2
Aomine xPregnant!Reader (Fears)
"Kise." You hissed at the blonde from the bleachers.
The copycat of the GoM jumped and violently coughed as he choked on the water. He twisted around to glare at whoever had scared him only to find you standing there.
"Ah, (Name)-chan." He chuckled, "What are you doing all the way out here?"
You blushed and looked down in embarrassment. He was right, you had come an somewhat long way to speak with him.
"Are you busy right now?" You asked in a hushed tone.
"Well, yeah...a little." He gave an you apologetic look, "Why?"
"I need to talk to you when you get some free time." You said with the most serious expression you could muster, "Please Ryota! It's really important."
"Um, well...okay (Name)cchi." He shrugged and jogged back to his college basketball teammates.
~*~ Time Skip ~*~
You were silent as you walked alongside Kise. The blonde yawned tired and put his arms behind his head. "So~ what did you need to tell me?" He asked.
"Well, Dai-chan and I have been together for a while now."
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 217 11
Daddy!Atsushi xChild!Reader (Protect)
Atsushi leaned against the large brick wall that bordered the primary school his young daughter (Name) attended. Since his wife was on a business trip for the week, the titan-like father was pushed to close down the pastry shop early and come get his child. Atsushi was happy to see you finally exit the front doors of the school, having quickly grown bored of waiting. However, he was instantly concerned when you did not hasten your pace when you saw him.
Atsushi frowned, now fully directing all his undivided attention on you as you wiped away trails of soggy tears and sniffed pitifully.
With long strides Atsushi quickly met you halfway and stooped down to meet you halfway, gingerly picking you up and putting you in the crook of his arms.
"Why are you crying, (N/N)-chin?" He asked with a flat tone of curiosity.
You buried your face in your father's neck and whimpered, tightly clutching his shirt in your tiny fist.
"Bullies...big kid bullies stole my candy." You hiccuped pitifully and loo
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 251 26
Makoto xSick!Reader (Taking Care)
You groaned sluggishly as you pulled the blankets tighter around your body. "I feel like absolute shit." You grunted and sneezed.
Due to the rain and cold temperatures of your house, due to its horrible heating system, you had managed to catch a cold. It was a doozy too.
Sore muscles, headaches, sneezing, shivers, cold flashes, hot flashes, and there were cravings strangely enough.
Lazily dropping your hand onto the nightstand, you blindly searched around for your phone. You picked it up but hesitated to open it. You had considered calling your boyfriend. But your boyfriend was none other than Makoto Hanamiya.
Seeing you sick and suffering would probably make him laugh.
Or he could just tell you to suck it up and hang up if you did call him.
You couldn't decide which would be worse.
With a heavy sigh you flipped open your phone, deciding to give it a shot anyway. You dialed his number and held the device to your ear.
One ring
Two rings
Three rings...
"...what?" You heard his quiet grun
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 248 14
Fight Like A...(Hanamiya Makoto x Reader)
Hanamiya's grin almost split his face in half when he saw his target visibly shake. Oh, how he loved the look of fear reflected in his prey's eyes.
It was completely by chance that he had been at the 'right place' at the 'right time'. He had left basketball practice early, his mind clustered with stifling thoughts that at a later date, he would acknowledge (only to himself) were trivial. Giving his fellow teammates a rare day off, he found himself aimlessly roaming the busy streets of Tokyo.
He had been uncharacteristically lost in his own thoughts, only to be brought back to the present when he heard shoes crunch against gravel near him. His dull, bored eyes zoned in on movement not too far from himself and lit up not a moment later. It seemed that the universe wanted to cheer him up.
He leisurely walked into the public basketball court and observed the lone player for a while. He was no prodigy but he definitely had skill. With practice and time, he would probably be someone reputabl
:iconangiehimesan:Angiehimesan 109 21
Territorial. (Aomine Daiki x Reader) Gang!AU
Hi :3
Warnings: Language.
The so
:iconangiehimesan:Angiehimesan 158 23
Donut Hole.(Yandere!Murasakibara Atsushi x Reader)
I have this lazy habit of naming my stories after the songs that inspire them.
Don't punish me, writing deities.
This is inspired by the Vocaloid GUMI's Donut Hole (waow, real shock there Ang). The original story is that she can't remember her lover and is super sad. I really recommend it. The version here however, is the acoustic one. I felt that it gives it a more calm feel, the original makes me wanna jump around more than usual.
Aaaaanyway, please enjoy.
If he seems too OOC, blame the yandere-ness.
Warnings: Psychological horror themes, violence, implied sexual situations...y'know, the usual yandere works.
Characters are 18+.

:iconangiehimesan:Angiehimesan 121 38
Forever Or Never.(Yandere!Akashi Seijuro x Reader)
'I’m nervous as to what those firmly shut lips are going to say and what you are thinking~'

You clutched your coat tighter to your body despite it being a relatively warm evening. You just wanted to get home and to what you deemed safety. Your pace quickened as you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, signifying a new message.
Taking a deep breath, you slipped your phone out and clicked on the incoming text.
You cursed softly. You had thought that this would be one of your peaceful nights.
You thought wrong. You dumped your phone into your bag, not intending to look at it for the rest of the night. Because of one text...
'What's the hurry? We're going home, aren't we?'
'I told you I need to get myself into something new, 
I'm for something mystical, hysterical, dark and tantric, sexual~"

You had recently moved into the neighborhood, surprisingly living alone in a large house. It was proof, to anyone who cared to wonder,
:iconangiehimesan:Angiehimesan 169 16
Yandere!Izaya X Reader-My Dear Human
‘Why does she care so much about him? Why must they be so close she can't realize he's just a monster, not a human? She's always favored him, ever since high school. Shizuo this, Shizuo that. I'll admit, it pisses me off. She's always clung to him while if I go near her she pushes me away like I'm some diseased insect. Such an interesting human but so confusing. Doesn't she love me? Like I do her? I'd do anything for her and she stays away from me. I'd kill for her, is she that oblivious?’
A male with short black hair sits on his desk chair, facing his computer. His reddish-brown eyes scan the screen, video recordings playing over and over from different locations. All with one female singled out. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair lays down messily and her (e/c) eyes sparkle, even on screen. She wears her typical outfit, a white (sleeve length) sleeved shirt with (color) (pants/shorts/skirt) and (color) (type of shoes). She looks younger but in actuality is 24. Her boobs aren
:iconx-saviour-x:X-Saviour-X 376 38
Mature content
Hell's Goddess: Male!Yuno Gasai x Reader :iconhetalunaloid:HetaLunaloid 22 0


 Okay everyone, i want to make this clear. If I Alexus Dawn do not ask for your opinion. I DO NOT WANT IT. Okay? Okay. its as simple as that. Most of my watchers respect me though there is the small amount that treat me like complete shit. That is something i will no longer put up with. If you are a fan of my X readers or other stories note me and i will give you my new deviantart or better yet my tumblr. Therefore if you want to continue reading any of my series note me because my stories on here will be taken down. 


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If you do request me for something no it will not be up right away but it will be up as soon as possible.


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